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Life of Trees. Trio Dance7

Life of Trees. Trio Dance7


Original painting, 14x11x1.5, oil on canvas. Thick texture.

Looking out of his bedroom window, Little Spirit was transfixed watching the sycamore trees, whose branches were enthusiastically swaying back and forth.“How does the tree move its branches like that?” she asked.Without shifting his eyes towards the tree from the book Oblivious Spirit was reading her, he started to answer, “The tree is not moving the branches. It’s the wind…” But something stopped Oblivious Spirit from answering as he caught himself before the words were out.Joining Little Spirit at the window, he looked out at the sycamore, becoming similarly ensorcelled by the movement of the branches, the flicker of the leaves. Viewing the tree from the comfort of a warm and sheltered room could Oblivious Spirit really be sure that it was the wind that was moving the tree? Maybe it was some independent movement of the tree itself?“Do you think the tree is dancing?” asked Little Spirit.“Hmm” Oblivious Spirit replied“Do you think the tree is dancing” Little Spirit asked again.“Why would it be dancing?”“Maybe it is happy because the sun is shining,” she said.As they continued to watch the tree together, Oblivious Spirit began to see what Little Spirit saw. There seemed to be a rhythm to the movement, first strong and forceful, then light and gentle, then more energised. He enjoyed the movement and sway of the branches, seeing little nuances that he hadn’t noticed before. The tree did indeed appear to be dancing!“Are trees alive?” Little Spirit finally asked.“Yes”, Oblivious Spirit answered, “they are Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo), Stoney Indian, Canada (1871-1967)

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    The artwork is unique and original, not a print. One and only.

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